Multilife Thearpy

Multilife Therapy is a therapeutic process that has as its foundation a multiple life perspective.  We all have lived many lives.  That is a provable fact when the definition of what a “life” is becomes known to the client. 

In this presentation, you will be introduced to the definition for “life” as used in the construct of Multilife Therapy.  You will learn how to introduce this common sense concept to your clients, and use it to expands any client’s, regardless of his or her religious orientation, understanding of past lives, current lives and future lives. 

Resistance is eliminated and the subconscious is free to explore any lifetime needed to affect the change the client is seeking.   Michael Brouillette will be the presenter.  Michael has studied hypnosis for over forty years.  He has a Master’s of Psychology from Chapman University and is the owner and therapist of Balanced Counseling and Hypnosis Center in Lacey, WA.